Walnut Shelter

Capacity 125 people
Rental – $50

The Walnut is a medium sized shelter that sits at the inside of the circle drive at the east edge of the front parking lot. As you enter the park and start the circle drive, you go around the Lion and go to the east end. The Walnut is a unique shelter in both it’s design and building materials. The structure is a demonstration project for recycled materials. The deck is made of plastic and the roof is recycled aluminum cans. The shelter itself is built on stilts and actually straddles a creek. The Walnut was a joint effort of the Hopewell-Loudon Young Framers, the Solid Waste Disposal District and the Young Farm Wives. It was constructed in 1994. As with the other shelters it is named after a tree found in the park. The Walnut is close to the pool and is handicapped accessible from the parking lot.