Brief Overview

Meadowbrook Park has a rich history that spans the last one hundred years. It began with the Interurban Railroad and blossomed under the Garfield Haugh era and then carried on into the Hopewell Township years. When Hopewell Township gained possession of the park the underlying philosophy was that the park would continue to pay it’s own way and not be a burden on the Township. This was the underlying reason that the campground was developed. The revenue from the campground was to maintain the park. As a result, we operate the only public pool in the area that does not get a subsidy.

Over the years the amusement rides have given way to the family camping activities. Baseball diamonds, tennis courts and basketball have replaced the Lindy Loop, train and merry-go-round. Meadowbrook Park has been able to continue to develop by utilizing outside funding sources such as the Community Block Grant Program, NatureWorks Grants, Recycling Grants and donations from local charities and benevolent organizations. Since the Township has owned the park, Meadowbrook has garnered over $300,000 in grants and monies from sources outside the community.

Meadowbrook Park employs an average of 20 youths during the summer months. The park has one full time working manager and one part time manager employed during the summer which gives the park 24 hour coverage. There is also one full time maintenance employee. There is a ballroom supervisor and the park employs 4 youths the year round to help clean and set up the dance hall.

The Park has grown during the time it has been owned by the Township. The campground has grown from the original 36 sites to over 214 sites, with 168 of them occupied by seasonal campers. The facilities have been well-maintained or renovated during the years. The pool was re-built in 1980. All the shelters have been re-roofed and re-wired to accommodate the modern crock-pots and roasters. The Park has added three new shelters and the Young Farm Wives helped to add the Evergreen Building, which is used as a shelter. The original shower building has been upgraded and a new one built in the west woods. New handicapped restrooms have been added in the Park. A multi-use play structure has been installed that can accommodate 37 youngsters between the ages of three and 12. There have been major improvements to the Ballroom during the last few years. The upper windows have been replaced, the entrance was made handicapped accessible and an air lock entrance was added. The roof has been replaced and 2 & 1/2″ of insulation was added. The restrooms have been refurbished which allowed for the inclusion of a sitting room and increased storage space and a historical display of Park history and artifacts.