Recycling Facts and Figures

Demonstrating our use of recycled materials






Walnut Shelter


  • There is 7.5 tons of recycled plastic in the shelter.
  • It took over 100,000 gallon plastic milk cartons or the equivalent in 2- liter plastic pop bottles to produce the plastic used in this shelter.
  • The shelter is handicapped accessible via the 24 foot long elevated plastic entrance.
  • Each table weighs 300 pounds and is made from 1,920 gallon milk cartons.
  • The roof is made of 98% recycled aluminum alloy.
  • It took 34,500 beer or pop cans to produce the shingles on the shelter roof.


  • The steel in the playground posts are made from the equivalent of 2 ½ junked cars or from 64,000 soups cans.
  • The woods chips used to make the playground surface safe is recycled from limbs cut from power line right of ways that were trimmed to make sure your electric lines would not be cut from falling limbs in storms.


More Use of Recycled Materials

  • The benches at playground, pool, checker and shuffleboard areas are made from recycled plastic.causeway
  • The entire causeway is lined with trees that were purchased by recycling aluminum cans.
  • Meadowbrook Park collects aluminum cans, recycles them and uses the proceeds to purchase trees to plant in the park.
  • Recycled milk carton were used to make the decking and the railings in the Oak Shelter.
  • Meadowbrook Park has recycled picnic tables in 4 shelters as well as in the patio area at the Evergreen Building.

Students and groups are encouraged to visit Meadowbrook Park for a presentation by park manager, Dick Freeborn, on how the park utilizes recycled materials.