Family Campground Regulations

Meadowbrook Park Campground


One family or one group shall be permitted to occupy one site

A family may consist of at the most, father, mother and dependent children

A camping group may consist of as many as six persons not necessarily related, with ONE vehicle on the site. All other vehicles are to be parked in the visitors parking areas. Seasonal campers shall consist of single family units and their dependents. Children who are married and/or maintain their own households are considered guests, as are relatives or friends. Campers are responsible for their guests behavior

We do not rent Campsites to anyone under the age of 21

No pull through sites

No golf carts

All weekend lots have 50/30/20 amp electrical service

All sites can accommodate slide outs

No camp of any type shall be located except in such area as may be provided and designated by the Park

Daily check out time is 2:00 PM Sunday check out time is 5:00 PM

Do not cut or chop any tree, bush, or shrub in the park. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave

Fires are permitted only in stoves, grills, or designated areas. All fires are to be completely extinguished before retiring for bed or vacating the campsite. Be considerate of your neighbors, do not burn garbage or trash in your campfire, as it causes odors down wind. Do not move fire rings once they are in place. Do not take more than one park owned fire ring for your site from the storage area

The washing of dishes or pets at drinking fountains, lavatories, shower facilities is prohibited. The washing of automobiles or boats in the camping area is prohibited

Blue containers for gray water or sewage MUST be dumped at the dump station. DO NOT dump them at the waste water drains. The blue containers exceed the capacity of the waste water drains

Firearms, and/or Bow and arrows must be cased and /or left in the trunk of your vehicle while in the park

The possession of fireworks is prohibited at all times in the park

Motor bikes, cycles, ATV’s etc. are not permitted except as transportation in and out of the park

Dogs, cats, or other pets must be registered and kept of a short leash at all times. Please clean up after your pets and walk them out past the Evergreen Building. Pets are not to be left unattended in the camper or on the site

Quiet hours are mandatory and will be observed from 11:00PM to 8:00AM. No unnecessary noises are permitted during these hours. Please be kind and considerate of your neighbors in the evening hours

All refuse and garbage is to be placed in receptacles provided for that purpose. Extra trash bags are available at the office if needed

Only one picnic table per site is permitted, Do not move tables from empty sites

No trailers may us utilize household air conditioners or outside refrigerators

Parents are responsible for the actions of their children and will be asked to leave if problems develop. Park employees and Lifeguards are not baby sitters and you must not leave you children unattended

The gate to the park may close at 11:00 PM nightly and open again at 6:00 AM. All vehicular traffic after this hour must be by permission of the management and special arrangements must be made

Violation of any of the above regulations or any other imprudent behavior may be cause
from removal from the property and forfeiture of fees paid


Guests are permitted until 11 PM and must exit the park by midnight. Those guests who
stay overnight are considered to be campers and must register for a campsite.

There are to be no more than four guests per site unless prior arrangements are made with the office.

Guest parking is to be in the spaces designated for guest parking and not on an empty site. (Reminder there is to be only one vehicle per site.)


Firewood must be stacked in an elevated rack at least 4 inches off the ground and can be no longer than 5 feet in length and 3.5 feet high by 2 feet in width. Firewood should be used up by the end of the season and not left stacked on the site.


Do not dump Blue Boy containers in waste water drains. All Blue Boys must be transported to the dump station.


Active parental supervision is required at all times during your time at Meadowbrook.
parents are to insure that their children conform to the regulations of the park
and are considerate of the people camping here. Quiet hours are to be enforced.
Therefore children should be at a campsite when the lights go off at the courts.
These lights are on a timer which is set to go off shortly after 11:00PM.

Children are not allowed in the lower park after dark.

For safety reasons children must put their bicycles, roller blades, wagons, toy cars, etc. away at dusk. There is to be NO bicycle riding or rollerblading after dark.

There are to be no minor children staying alone in a camper.


The season camping rate includes pool memberships for the immediate family unit. It does NOT include children who are on their own an/or married their own households.

Season Campers may purchase reduced price tickets in advance for their guests.

Seasonal Campers who desire to include their grandchildren and other family members may purchase a family membership at the discounted rate.


Outbuildings and/or sheds of any type are not allowed. This also includes such items as basketball hoops, swimming/wadding pools sand boxes and other items that are not a part of “normal” camping. If in doubt about an item, contact the management before you bring the item to the park.


All Campsite decorations, lawn furniture, etc must be taken home at the end of each season. Only the deck may remain and that should be stacked.

The management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to your guests or loss of money or valuables of any kind.


All campers must be backed in to the left side of the site.
Campers with slide out units must park so that the slide out when extended is not over the lot line.
Only ONE vehicle is permitted to be parked on each site. All others are to be parked in the designated parking areas.
Visitors to your site must park in designated areas and not on adjoining sites.