Ballroom Facts and Figures

Meadowbrook Park Historic Redwood Ballroom Facts and Figures


Replaced interior oval in 1995 at a cost of $73,000. Cost of new Maple Flooring was $18,000.

Replaced in 1998 at a cost of $96,000 with a 30-year warranty. This includes cost of materials of $62,000. Includes 2 inches of Isocyanurate insulation ($10,900) and *” of Nordboard insulation for an R-value of 13 to 15. This should keep the roof from expanding and contracting so much in the heating season.

61,984 board feet of Redwood was used in the main trusses, roof joists, sheathing and facing.

Southern pine
78,719 board feet in sub-floor, sidewalls, roof and sheathing in kitchen and restroom areas.

There is a total of 14,000 board feet of Maple in the floor.

Main Oval
There are 18 main trusses that were used to create a 121 by 60-foot oval for the main floor. This was the first such use of a laminated wood beam, according to the American Lumberman Magazine. Mr. Haugh was in the wood business, which accounted for the extensive use of wood in the construction.

The Promenade is 14 feet wide and circles the entire building. It was once used for roller-skating.

The Ballroom is 168 by 88 feet or 14,784 square feet of floor space. The dome is 28 * feet high.

img0New Chandeliers were installed during the first week of November 1999. There are 10 new chandeliers installed by a local electrical contractor. The fixtures are antique brass with frosted hurricane globes. Each fixture has 28 40 watt bulbs with an additional 150 watt down light. These fixtures are capable of several lighting adjustments depending upon the nature of the event being supported. Each chandelier cost $4,390, exclusive of bulbs.

The chandeliers are 6 feet in height and 57 inches across. They hang 12 feet off the dance floor and are suspended 6 feet from the laminated beams and spaced one third of the way in from the promenade.

The old wire was removed and over 8,000 feet of new wire was pulled in the original conduit.
This approach saved both the esthetics of the Redwood and also allowed us to re-wire other existing fixtures that were also feed by the conduit . The post lights, exit lights and promenade lights are also feed with wire from this conduit. The installation cost was $3,500

windowThe lower windows were replaced during the summer. There are over 56 pairs of casement windows in the ballroom. There are also several transoms above each outside door and windows in the restrooms. The windows are arranged in sets of fours and fives that alternate according to the dimensions of the building and are opposite from north and south. The differences are very subtle and the sets vary in size from 38 inches to 42 inches in width. Once again there are equal number of each size on each side of the building. The windows are 68 inches in height. The original windows had two sets of five individual panes in them. The replacement windows have the same visual effect but they are single panes of glass with Georgian slats between the panes.

The replacement windows are with insulated glass and low E treatment. They also have screens for those windows that open, which the original windows did not have. The windows cost in excess of $26,000. They were installed by park employees during the late summer.

The building was scrapped and painted during the summer by the Seneca County Jail Prisoner Rehabilitation Program. The jail provided the labor and supervision and the Park provided the materials.

The new windows and paint make the ballroom look younger than it’s 68 years.