General Information Meadowbrook Ballroom

These pictures will help you visualize some of the general items regarding the Ballroom.

The Ballroom entrance is handicapped accessible. The entrance is also wide enough to assist in loading and unloading items for the event.

The northwest door is the entrance for the DJ / Band. It is wide enough to back a trailer to the dock.

The women’s restroom is large and has ample mirrors for bridal party primping. There is also a changing station in the Men’s Restroom.

The Ballroom Kitchen has ample counter space for food preparation and many electric outlets for roasters and such. There is also a three position sink and one electric stove with four burners and one oven. There are also electric outlets on both the wall counter and the island counters.

The Ballroom Kitchen has a set of doors that can be closed off from the main Ballroom. There is ample space to set up additional preparation tables if needed.

The Ballroom Kitchen Doors as seen from the Promenade side. The doors can be closed and separate the kitchen from the main hall.

The Ballroom Kitchen has two large coolers and one chest freezer available for food storage. Meadowbrook does not allow beer kegs to be stored in the coolers as the weight of a full keg is too much for the cooler.

The Ballroom Kitchen also has a set of serving windows that can be used to serve to the main ballroom. The first and second window sets open to a serving counter. There are three 4 receptacle electric outlets along these windows also that can be used for roasters and similar heated items.The Ballroom Kitchen Service Windows as seen from the Promenade side of the Kitchen. The first and second window sets from the left open to a counter. The third window set does not open.

The Ballroom also has a set of doors that is normally used by the beer distributor to set the trailer at the steps and the kegs are taken inside to the bar area as needed. There is also both a 110 and 220 receptacle available for the beer trailer. The two closest distributors keep their set up equipment at the Ballroom and set up the bar area for the receptions.

The bar area is normally set up at the exit doors on the south east side of the Promenade. The beer trailer can then be housed right outside the doors and the kegs brought in as needed.

Meadowbrook has a bar that was constructed for the Ballroom. The bar fits between the two arches at the SE corner in front of the doors leading to the area where the beer trailer is usually parked for receptions.

The Meadowbrook Bar was designed for the decor of the Ballroom using wood and styled to reflect the surroundings.

Meadowbrook has a large electric movie screen and projection system for power point type slide programs or movies. The screen is 14 feet in width and 71/2 ft in height.. You will need to provide your own computer, etc to plug into our system. The system will take a VGA or an HDMI cord. Since it is a rear projection screen, it will not reflect images from the front of the stage

The Screen lowers and raises by a switch located stage right. The projection system is a rear projector which allows for an excellent picture even in the daytime. The projection system is connected to the Bose sound system and can be used with your computer. Meadowbrook Ballroom has WIFI and we have had occasions where the Bride or Groom has had a relative overseas join the wedding via Skype. On one occasion, the bride and groom were surprised by the best man who had the brides brother Skyped in to do the toast.

Meadowbrook also has a wireless hand held microphone and a wireless Lapel microphone as well as a wired mic available for use. There are several RCA jacks to use located on the stage. It is advisable to schedule a time well in advance of your event to insure that your laptop or CD /DVD player will be compatible with our system.

This is an example of a using the projector for a back drop at a wedding.

Meadowbrook also has a Podium that can be used.