Elm Shelter

Capacity 125 people
Rental – $50

The Elm is a medium size shelter that sits on the inside of the circle drive just below the pool and south of the playground. As you enter the park and start the circle drive, it is the first shelter on the left just before you go up the hill to the pool area. It is called the Elm because of the Elm trees that were in the park. The Elm has a large area beside it for activities. The Elm shelter was one of the original shelters in the park and dates from 1928. The original long shelter tables in the Elm were replaced with more modern picnic tables in 1999. The shelter was re-built in the fall of 2005 and has been upgraded electrically to handle crock pots and coffee makers, etc..

Notice the Shelf for Crock Pots and serving line across the east end of the shelter.