Checkers & Chess

Meadowbrook Park Eugene Hoover Memorial Checker Board

Checkers and Chess

  • Keys to the Checkers and Chess set lockers are available at the pool office. They can be checked out during normal office hours.
  • Please treat the  equipment with respect.
  • Do not throw, deface or remove equipment for the site.
  • Return all Checkers and Chess pieces to their lockers and lock the doors.
  • Return key to office when finished.
  • Please limit your time to one game if others are waiting to play.
  • If you are waiting to play please respect those who are currently playing so that they can concentrate and enjoy their game.

The Original Checker Board

The first board was built on this spot in 1903 by Mr. J.G. Haugh whose father, Thomas Haugh is shown in the picture with his legs crossed. Thomas died in 1933 of a heart attack while watching a checker game. The Checker Board was abandoned some time in the 40’s as the park became more thrill ride oriented. The original Checker Board was refurbished in 1979 and completely rebuilt in 2003 with assistance from the Paul Glick Fund and the family of Eugene Hoover. Mr. Hoover was instrumental in the first revival of the checker board. Giant chess was then added as a gaming option for the board.