2020 Notice



Enclosed is your lease for the 2020 season. Please respond promptly in the following manner: You MUST mail back the post card by March 1st to tell us if you are coming back. You MUST mail a copy of your signed lease and the 1st installment back to the park by March 15, 2020. Both parties: Husband, Wife & or Significant Other must sign the Lease. You may pay by CREDIT CARD (We would need the card # and the 3 digit number on the back) If you do not return the card on time, you may lose your site.

Do not move a trailer into the park without talking to Troy or Dick first! The first day we can have trailers is Wednesday, April 15, 2020. We will be setting Trailers on from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. weather permitting. See enclosed notice on moving sites and decks.

Tree Removal: Since last Labor Day of 2012 Meadowbrook has removed over 600 trees. These were mainly Ash trees. We have been as careful as we can to keep from damaging your campsite. However, there are some ruts, etc. and we will try and fill these in as best we can, weather permitting before the opening of the season. This has been a time consuming task and we ask for your patience as we go forward.

Pet Registration: All dogs, cats and other pets that are brought into the campground, even if just for the day, must be registered according to state law.

Swimming Passes: Seasonal camping includes a pool membership for the immediate family. Please make arrangements to have your picture taken for you pass before the pool season begins Memorial Day Weekend. Seasonal site holders may purchase reduced price tickets in advance for their guests. Seasonal who desire to include their grandchildren and other family members may purchase a family pool membership at the discounted rate.

One third is due when you sign your lease agreement (before you move in.)
You may pay by credit card – We need the card # and the 3 digit code off the back
One third is due before Memorial Day.
The remaining third must be paid before July 4th.
If you have a site preference different from last year write it on the card and check with the park.

Again you must return the enclosed post card by March 1st to let us know your intentions.

Seasonal Camping rates for 2020:
A. East Woods with sewer $1,740
B. East Woods with water & electric $1,715
C. West Woods $1,840

If you are NOT returning, you must move your deck and other things by April 1st.

If you are moving sites, you must move your deck and other things as soon as your site is assigned.

Because of the large number of trailers we have been spotting the last few years, we are asking that it be done on the week days, weather permitting, we will set trailers Mon-Fri from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. If you are bringing your trailer after 4PM, park the trailer on a weekend site and leave a note with the details of what site it belongs along with any cautions about trailer brakes, etc. and we will set the trailer on the following work day. If you drop the trailer on the weekend we will set it on the following Monday.

Honey Wagon Service is available. The cost will be $12 per visit. All visits must be paid in advance.

If you want service during the time between April and Memorial Day Weekend, use an envelope located in the Honey Wagon box located outside the office door. Fill it out with your name and lot # and enclose your payment. Place the envelope in the mail slot in the office door by 8:00 pm Sunday night in the mail slot in the office door.

Your trailer will be pumped during the week before Friday.